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Wednesday 5 October 2016 | 14:16:18 | Published in Seminars

Invitation for Seminar 
at Innovation Incubator in iNavis Centre, 
Velimira Škorpika 6, 22000 Šibenik   


“New Adventures in Green Aquaculture Technology “

- The scale of aquaculture in North Europe
- The sustainability concept explained
- Emerging trends in aquaculture technology
- Feed for fish-raw materials, feed optimization and logistics
- Water quality, sensoring and treatment
- Effluent treatment
- Aqaponics – merging agriculture and aquaculture 
- Sludge treatment 
- Economics – scale of operations, profitability and risk
- Certification of aquaculture production – production standards 

(Mr. Svein Martinsen CEO from Morefish Norway)

The seminar will be held on 
24th October 2016 at 09.00 am


Registration to be done at Zdenka Stosic

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