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CroNoMar d.o.o. - international business consultancy for marine/maritime sector

CroNoMar is a Norwegian owned innovation company based in Sibenik. CroNoMar will support innovation in the maritime / marine sector by providing collaboration with globally oriented companies, associations, clusters, educational institutions, R&D sector, and individuals with knowledge and skills in this area.

Cronomar references

  • Implementation of Maritime Innovation Center in Sibenik - iNavis, in collaboration with City of Šibenik iNavis is under City of Šibenik management. Innovation Incubator of iNavis is managed by CroNoMar
  • Businesss collabotration between incubated companies and international companies 
  • Development/Grant project for further improvement of innovation incubator aimed towards increase of entrepreneurial skills 
  • Institutional Collaborations: Building and development of R&D-networks between Croatian and Norwegian institutions for longer term development in the region
  • Building connection between Croatian and Norwegian maritime industry - Business Collaborations: Have developed a portfolio of operational and commercial business collaborations between Croatian and Norwegian maritime businesses. 


  • Serial production with series efficiency in shipbuilding ; Production of Aluminum Catamaran Workboats 
  • Development of new maritime products/services for employment and value creation; Croatian shipbuilders introduced to the global Maritime and Aquaculture industry as a new market for shipbuilding.
  • Creating maritime high-tech activities in the Sibenik-region
  • Outsourcing Croatian engineering potential and services; Trading of maritime expertise and competences to international market in the field of Ship design, Ship Engineering, Shipbuilding supervision, etc.
  • Arena-building: Actively participated in many seminars and networking activities in order to build business related networks between businesses and institutions in both nations.

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CroNoMar d.o.o.
T: +385(0) 22 340 480
T: +385(0) 22 340 481
F: +385(0) 22 340 426
E: info@cronomar.hr

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