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OMICRON d.o.o. - bussines consulting

Company Omicron d.o.o., as offical representative of HITA-vrijednosnice Ltd, offers fast and efficient trading with shares and other securities on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (www.zse.hr), as well as the other major stock exchanges (Euronext, New York, London, Nasdaq, Frankfurt...). 

"With our brokerage services you can trade stocks and other transferable securities (ETF's, indexes, and commodities such as gold, oil, etc.)." 

Link to the register of verified agents: www.hanfa.hr

PDF presentation: <<< DOWNLOAD HERE >>>

Omicron d.o.o.
Contact person: Ivan Petković, CEO – Stock Broker
T: +385 22 200 391
M: +385 99 317 76 27
E: broker@omicron.hr

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