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Thursday 10 November 2016 | 08:27:35 | Published in News

Considering the fact that Croatia is a country that wants to attract investment projects of higher added value whose business is linked to the modern technology and innovation as well as internationalization of the businesses, CroNoMar together with its Croatian and Norwegian partners had conducted numerous of negotiation processes in 2016 which have resulted with new contracts for the boats to be delivered in 2016/2017. Each boat is negotiated separately and it is tailored according to the final customer wishes.  At this moment, there are 12 aluminium catamarans under construction at NCP shipyard in Šibenik and 1 monohull vessel at Tehnomont shipyard in Pula. It is important to note that new contracts are including new design, new models, and considerable technical improvements creating a well-known Croatian product for international aquaculture market.

That means not only the growth in revenue and earnings, but also new employment of various profiles of workers in the Croatian shipbuilding and engineering sector.

End-November, 3 new catamarans will be delivered to Norwegian customer and one of these boats is the first of that kind produced in Croatia. The plan is to deliver 2 more catamarans by the end of 2016. Including these exports within 5 years’ time an impressive figure of 59 exported catamarans and 3 service vessels for Norwegian and other international aquaculture markets will be achieved. Boats built in Sibenik are used in daily operations at the fish farms all around the world and service vessels built at Tehnomont are so far used only in Norway for supply, maintenance and servicing of the fish farm. 

The whole project of building work boats in Croatia for international aquaculture market started in 2010 via CroNoMar. CroNoMar has also been a mediator in all of these contracts and relevant partner in project implementation and finalization both to Croatian and Norwegian partner. Thanks to product quality and competitiveness in relation to other producers, the project of building aquaculture work boats for international customers has been continued by contracting of new models and types of ships.

The main goal of CroNoMar is to connect Croatian and Norwegian companies, identification of market needs and providing access to the new markets in order to strengthen the competitiveness and export potential of Croatian entrepreneurs, especially small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the marine/maritime sector in Croatia. This innovative company was established in 2009 and since then helps entrepreneurs from the region and entire Croatia on the way towards the foreign markets, and is successfully identifying and creating new business opportunities for the further breakthrough of quality Croatian products on the world scene.

These examples of successful cooperation show that on the international market there is room for everybody who can offer a competitive product or service of high added value with guarantee of quality. Precisely this type of partnerships is prerequisite for economic growth is ensuring the production growth, new investments, and new, well-paid jobs.

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  • Gordan Polonijo, Technical supervisor
    Gordan Polonijo, Technical supervisor

    M: +385 91 214 00 28


    Technical supervisor in CroNoMar, Croatian. MSc in Mechanical engineering - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Zagreb, 17 years of experience in shipbuilding on various new building such as Cutter suction dredger, Jack Up platform, Chemical tankers, Livestock carrier, Car Carrier, Fisherman vessel, Bulk carrier, LPG tanks, Cable layer, Suction Hopper dredger, etc. In Uljanik Shipyard I was Head of QA/QC dept. I’m also playing a role as a member of Board of the director in Croatian society of Nondestructive testing HDKBR.

  • Malvin Villabø, CEO
    Malvin Villabø, CEO

    P: +47 92066640


    CEO of CroNoMar, Norwegian. 19 years of experience in management of innovation company in Norway. 20 years of experience as researcher and manager in MARINTEK - The Norwegian Marine Research Institute. 2 years in Shipping. MSc in Automation Engineering.

  • Ana Zajc - Senior Project Consultant
    Ana Zajc - Senior Project Consultant

    M: +385 91 124 00 22


    Senior Project Consultant in CroNoMar, Croatian. Educated in Economics and Criminology science. Certified for implementation of EU projects. 10 years of experience on development projects as senior consultant, 4 years of experience as technical director of Tino d.o.o. (export, transport, construction company), 6 years of experience as office manager of Trimag d.o.o. (marketing, tourism, architecture).

  • Željko Ninić, Senior Project Consultant
    Željko Ninić, Senior Project Consultant

    M: +385 91 214 00 25


    Senior Project Consultant in CroNoMar, Croatian. MSc in Mec - Faculty of Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Zagreb, started engineering career from a workshop floor (CAD/CAM machining) in duration of 2 years, next 5 years as a product designer in R&D department (healthcare industry), 11 years of experience in project management (water supply and waste water engineering, marina installations and HVAC).

  • Zdenko Jerković, Technical supervisor
    Zdenko Jerković, Technical supervisor

    Present location – Pula
    M: +385 91 214 0024


    Technical supervisor in CroNoMar, Croatian. MSc in Naval Architecture - Faculty of Naval Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Zagreb, 22 years of experience in ship building,ship repair and off-shore from construction engineer position through the positions of project engineer, project manager, Seling dpt. manager, site manager, surveyor and consultant. Employments in companies Brodosplit, Vulkan, Brodoremont Vranjic, Viktor Lenac, RLE,ZIT, Adria-mar, TE Marin and on a contract base for foreign companies TTS, Songa offshore, Willtech…

  • Marko Kelava, Technical supervisor
    Marko Kelava, Technical supervisor

    Present position - Šibenik
    M: +385 91 214 00 26


    Technical supervisor in CroNoMar in CroNoMar, Croatian. Bsc in Naval Architecture – Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture Split, 11 years experience in ship building and ship repair trough the positions of Surveyor, Head of Assembly workshop, Project manager and Head of New building department. previous employee of Brodotrogir d.d., R.L.E. t.p., Solinbrodogradnja d.o.o. - Shipyard Vranjic.

  • Dalibor Varnica, Technical supervisor
    Dalibor Varnica, Technical supervisor

    M: +385 91 214 00 27


    Technical supervisor in CroNoMar, Croatian. BSc in Mechanical engineering – University of Split- Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture. More than 20 years of experience in shipbuilding on various new building such as Frigo ship, Bulk carriers, Juice carrier, Heavy lifters, Ro Pax ferry, Yacht, Polar cruisers, Military patrol vessels and off shore projects through the positions of foreman, Workshop engineer, Workshop manager, Assembly manager, Ship manager and PM assistant, Head of preassembly and outfitting workshop and Project manager. All within the Brodosplit shipyard.

  • Zdenka Stošić, Administrative referent
    Zdenka Stošić, Administrative referent

    M: +385 91 124 00 21


    Administrative referent in CroNoMar, Faculty of Economy, 4 years of experience as sales manager in Plodine - managing and monitoring  sales, employment management, 4 years of experience as sales manager in Jolly - managing sales and assortment, 2 years of experience as accounting administrator – calculations, P&L account, 5 years of experience as external co operant in Prva stambena štedionica, Zagrebačka banka d.d. – Loans, savings, insurances, collaterals.